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Title IX in SchoolsTitle IX in Schools
This course, aimed at faculty and school administrators, will focus on the Sexual Harassment prohibitions in Title IX.
Google SitesGoogle Sites
Explore how to use and personalize your own Google Site,  integrate Google Apps, and learn how apply techniques to your classroom.
Managing Online LearningManaging Online Learning
Learn how to be an effective online teacher and discuss some best practices and great educational tools to get you started in the digital classroom. 
COVID-19 General GuidelinesCOVID-19 General Guidelines
The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious global health threat. This compilation of videos is from the website and covers guidelines on proper handwashing, mask-wearing, social distancing, and more. Sourc...
Child Maltreatment ResponsibilitiesChild Maltreatment Responsibilities
By understanding the warning signs of child abuse, it can be stopped before any child is harmed. In this course, you will learn everything that entails as child abuse, its effects on families and victims, and y...
Concussion AwarenessConcussion Awareness
This course is designed specifically for coaches and athletic trainers to satisfy the requirements of HB2038, and developed exclusively by the Houston Methodist Concussion Center, in partnership with Eduhero (U...
Acoso SexualAcoso Sexual
(Sexual Harassment) Este curso describe los aspectos del acoso sexual tanto en el lugar de trabajo como del estudiante.
Dyslexia Awareness Module 4: DysgraphiaDyslexia Awareness Module 4: Dysgraphia
After completing this course, you will be able to identify characteristics of dysgraphia, describe procedures for the evaluation of dysgraphia, and apply appropriate instructional interventions.
Sexual Harassment for EducatorsSexual Harassment for Educators
It is often ignored or disregarded until it escalates in severity. In this course, you will examine the law, explore what constitutes sexual harassment, and discover effective prevention methods & reporting pro...
La Ciberseguridad en las EscuelasLa Ciberseguridad en las Escuelas
(Cybersecurity in Schools) Este curso aprobado por DIR proporciona una visión general de la ciberseguridad, incluida la importancia de la protección de datos, los diferentes tipos de amenazas, así como los e...
Google Hangouts MeetGoogle Hangouts Meet
Hangouts Meet is a video conferencing software by Google. This course navigates the communication platform to help teachers learn different ways to keep their classrooms connected virtually.
HIPAA In SchoolsHIPAA In Schools
This course will define the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule. It will also help you identify when HIPAA applies in schools and describe practical steps to abiding by HIPA...
Orientation to the Code 2020Orientation to the Code 2020
This training is required for new school board members. The essence of this training is to provide new board members with an overview of important information that is found in the Texas Education Code. This ove...
Section 504 and Public SchoolsSection 504 and Public Schools
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act addresses the need for access to services for people with disabilities. Compliance with Section 504 is required of all entities that receive federal funds. Schools are requ...
GT: Personality Typing and GT StudentsGT: Personality Typing and GT Students
This course will introduce you to Myers-Briggs personality typing and patterns in types among adults and GT students. You will become familiar with these types, discover your own, and explore strategies for tea...
Cybersecurity Awareness for EducatorsCybersecurity Awareness for Educators
This DIR-approved course provides an overview of cybersecurity including the importance of data protection, the different types of threats, as well as the effects of unsecured data.