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Legislative Update for August In-service!

August 5th, 2014 2:00PM

Legislative Update for August In-service!
We have had many questions regarding the release of courses that meet requirements by in-service week starting August 18th, 2014.  We are happy to announce that 3 courses in particular will be updated and/or launched to meet the deadline date.

Update: Child Abuse Awareness (Monday, August 11th)
New: Bloodborne Pathogens 2014 (Friday, August 15th)
Update: Bullying Management for Teachers (Friday, August 15th)

We thank you for your patience while our team diligently works on these courses.

Note: You may need to create a new plan for teachers on August 15th if you wish to use the new Bloodborne Pathogens 2014.  If you have problems implementing the new Bloodborne Pathogens 2014, we will still have the old version 2013 available this year.

Good luck educators!
Posted by Ryan C.
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Erika T. posted08/22/14, 10:55AM

Thanks Gail! You have a great day too. -Eduhero Team

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Gail B. posted08/20/14, 10:01PM

Have a good day.

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Ryan C. posted08/20/14, 9:05AM

Letha, your district plan did not start until Aug 15th, 2014. You will either have to retake the course now or ask your district manager(s) to change the start date of the plan to Aug 10th or earlier.

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Letha S. posted08/19/14, 9:19PM

I completed the course for Understanding Diabetes In Education on August 10, 2014 and printed my certificate. It is saying that I have not completed the the course. What should I do?

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Peggy K. posted08/18/14, 6:14PM

I completed Bloodborne pathogens Aug. 10th. It is now saying I have not completed the course 2014. Do I need to complete this too?

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Ryan C. posted08/11/14, 11:42AM

Krystelle, your plan should now show the course as completed. We updated how plans progress works. Richard, please review the dates listed above for course availability. Hope you enjoy them and good luck!

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Krystelle A. posted08/06/14, 9:55PM

I have already taken these class before the update. and it wont let me retake them. what should I do.

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Richard C. posted08/06/14, 12:42PM

When can I take this cours?